Taking 3D Printing out of the box.

3D Printing is a fascinating technology that makes it possible to manufacture incredibly complex forms which would not have been possible with other methods such as moulding or milling.
However, it is very expensive or nearly impossible to 3D Print large structures with today’s technology due to the small size and slow speed of 3D Printers that are available on the market.
Ai Build is developing 3Dp technology for 3D Printing large scale objects cost efficiently at a very high speed.


Large Building Volume

You can 3D Print structures with dimensions up to 3.2m x 2.4m x 2.8m

High Quality Surface Finish

You can choose to have different polishing options depending on the surface quality that you want to achieve.

Multi-Material Printing

A large variety of PLA and ABS based materials can be used and mixed within one object


Unlike traditional 3D Printing techniques, you can manufacture large scale objects at low costs

Adaptive Resolution

Different layer height and extrusion thickness options are available with our custom built extruders.

Customizable extrusion path

Unlike 3-axis 3D Printers on the market, we use 6-axis industrial robots to have flexibility in extrusion path and direction.


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